Why women should stay away from Zobo drink — Expert

Dr. Wojuade Samuel a fertility expert  had said expectant women should stay away from Zobo

In a video on social media, the doctor explains why females should stay away from Zobo drink

Giving his analysis, according to research work in 2013 by Saheed et al, Zobo drink contains Phytoestrogens, which could cause hormonal imbalance in women.

‘’Zobo drink might prevent you from getting pregnant because It contain what is call Phytoestrogens’’

‘’In 2013 Saheed  and et al did a study and came out with finding that if any woman is taking Zobo in large quantity, it will affect their hormones to be balanced, once you stop the Zobo drink you hormone system will come back’’

Dr Wojuade admonished any female who want to get pregnant to abstain from drinking Zobo for that period, after conceiving you can resume the Zobo drink

‘’best thing to do If you trying to conceive , stay away from Zobo completely  after conceiving you can then go back to your Zobo’’.

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