3 Common Medical Problems You Can Treat By Eating Yam Regularly

Yams have dark-brown skin, while the pulp of mature yams can be yellow, purple, white, or pink in hue. Although they are different, they resemble tubular sweet potatoes in appearance.



Yams are challenging to cut and prepare because of their rocky texture. Yam contains irritants as well, so after chopping, boil them in lemon, vinegar, or tamarind water before eating. Yams are prone to oxidation and discoloration, so dunk them in water before cooking.

According to WebMD & Healthline, here are 3 medical problems that be treated by eating yam regularly:

1. Obesity



Yam roots contain glucomannan, a beneficial fiber that is thought to help with weight loss. In essence, after eating, the fiber can turn into a gel in your stomach, extending your sense of fullness. As a result, your cravings decrease, which makes it simpler for you to lose weight.

2. High cholesterol



Yams are essential for reducing cholesterol levels. This is due to the peculiar soluble fiber that yams provide, which is detrimental for cholesterol. Soluble fiber essentially removes cholesterol from your body by encircling, binding, and sticking to it.

Yams have also been connected to a real change in cholesterol levels in real women. In a study, women who consumed 18 ounces of yams per day for 30 days saw a reduction in cholesterol levels.

3. High blood sugar



Yams can improve your blood sugar control.

In your stomach, resistant carbohydrates and fibre remain undigested. As a result, you can reduce your blood sugar levels and control your hunger with the aid of these carbs. Moreover, yams have enough sugar, despite not being as sweet as sweet potatoes, to naturally sweeten your meals and further stifle your desires.

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