Side Effects of Eating Snail, You Should Know

According to WebMD, eating snails may have some potential health benefits; however, there are also some potential negative side effects associated with eating snails on a frequent basis, which are detailed below.



1. The method in which you prepare snails can be considered to be one of the primary causes of the adverse effects that are associated with the eating of snails.

2. Consuming snails on a regular basis comes with a number of potential health risks, one of which is an increased risk of developing heart disease. This risk is increased when the snails are cooked in a buttery sauce, which adds fat to the dish. The fats in the dish are deposited in the arteries of the body, and an accumulation of an excessive amount of fat in the arteries can lead to blockage, which in turn can cause heart disease or other heart-related issues.

3. Rat lung worm illness is a potentially fatal condition that can be caused by eating uncooked snails. This condition can be transmitted to humans. In addition, the ailment that is known as rat lung worm is caused by a parasite that is transmitted to snails almost exclusively by the passage of rat feces or through any contact with rat feces.

Therefore, if a snail comes into contact with the feces of a rat and you eat that snail raw, you run the risk of becoming infected with the rat lung worm sickness. The chief symptoms of this condition in humans are persistent headaches, stiffness, fever, nausea, and even vomiting.

However, there is some good news in that you can avoid the sickness caused by the rat lung worm in snails by properly boiling the snails before consuming them.

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