Dear Parents, If You Want Your Child To Be Intelligent, Start Feeding Them These 8 Foods.

No parents would be happy to see that their child is very bad at school or academics. Especially in Nigeria and Africa at large, where a parent gets mad if their child doesn’t come out with first position in their class. Having a smart child is like the best feeling of joy and happiness a parent could ever experience.


Being intelligent and smart comes with great opportunities in life and also a bright future for any child, that’s why parents try to do everything they possibly can to ensure that their kids are very smart and brilliant. However, the truth is that, there are some particular foods which helps a lot in the brain development and advancement of a child from a tender age.



In fact, when a child is still a toddler, a good parents should start to be very careful about the kind of foods they feed their children. There are some foods that damages the brain while there are some foods that helps to improve the brain capacity of a child. In this article, I’ll be showing you guys 8 amazing foods which helps to make a child smart. See them below;

1. Vegetables.



As a parent, try as much as possible to feed your young toddler vegetables at least 3 times per week. Vegetables contains lots of brain developing nutrients.

2. Milk.



Kids should always be fond of drinking milk at least once a week to develop their brain. Milk contains calcium which is essential for brain and teeth development.

3. Beans.



Beans is a very popular food here in Africa, however its not that popular among children. In fact, most children especially females hate eating beans, but the truth is that, Beans is also very essential to proper brain development.

4. Eggs.



A child should try as much as possible to make Eggs his/her best friend because of the kind of nutritional value they have.

5. Potatoes.



Potatoes are a good source of protein and vitamins as well. It can either by fried or boiled and either way, it is very nutritious and helps in developing a child’s brain capacity.

6. Plantain.



Plantain is a type of food that should be found in the home of every family. If you want your child to be smart, please feed them ripe or unripe plantain twice every week.

7. Tiger nuts (Hausa groundnut).



Tiger nuts is allegedly one of the best foods that helps in the increase of IQ for children all over the world. Buy Tiger nuts for your children once in 3 days, it will help a lot.

8. Fruits.



Just like vegetables, fruits contains a lot of nutrients and vitamins which are essential for the healthy growth of a child. As a parent, make sure that your child eat fruits likes, pineapples, orange, bananas, pawpaw, watermelon, grape and apples very often.


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