3 Foods you should avoid taking in the morning


Morning food is very important yet it can be skipped without much difference to the body. If we must eat in the morning at all then it would be better to eat right. This is why we need to watch what we take in the morning before going about our daily activities. We need to be careful and eat right in the morning because it would determine a lot about our day.


According to Healthline, there are certain foods to avoid in the morning and a better option of what can be used to replace them.

Bread and butter: Bread and butter in the morning seem like good food to eat the morning before going about our daily activities but in the real sense it can be dangerous to us especially if we are watching our weight. Butter contains a lot of fat and can lead to weight gain if we are not careful. Instead, taking bread and peanut butter would help solve this.



Cereals: This is tricky, I mean what could be wrong with taking cereals before going to work or having them as breakfast. The truth is that cereals contain a lot of sugar and can later lead to belly fat. Instead of taking cereals, we should consider taking oatmeal that is rich in fibre and less sugar.



Fruit juice: Most fruit juice contains sugar and soda. It also contains almost no fibre because it has been refined. Because of this, it makes them the worst option for consumption or breakfast. Instead of going for a processes juice, taking raw fruit would be better. An orange in the morning would be better than taking a glass of fruit juice.


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