You Will Stop Eating Eba After You Read This. Don’t Joke With Your Health.



There are lots of food which we eat and take into our system. Food is really important to keep us alive, to make us strong, to give us energy and to keep us going.

And that’s is why we need to eat balanced diet to keep us healthy.

One of the popular foods we eat is Eba made from cassava. Although, there are people who do not eat Eba because of its starchy state but a lot of persons eat Eba. Eba is a nice food which can be enjoyed with different kinds of soup.

But if you are still eating Eba, pause for a while and read this, it’s very important that you know this because your health matters a lot. Don’t ignore this please:



Eba is a food made from cassava which requires a lot of processes before it is edible. In the process of turning cassava into Eba, the cassava is first of all soaked for days in order for the cassava to become soft enough to wash and sieve out then packaged in a bag to dry up the water content. Now, cassava has a very dangerous chemical called Hydrogen Cyanide which needs to be properly washed off before turning it into Eba. The bad and dangerous thing about this, if they don’t wash off he hydrogen cyanide well, once consumed, it can lead to serious damage to the internal organs which can lead to death before any medical attention is given, this is because hydrogen cyanide is a deadly chemical which is capable of causing instant death.

Now, the question is where do you get your fufu from?

Do you know who prepared it and how well he/she prepared it?

Do you know if the cassava which contains the Hydrogen cyanide was properly washed?

These and many more questions are what you should ask yourself before you eat Eba. It’s better to make your Eba by yourself so that you will be sure of what you are eating or you can buy from a trusted person. Please don’t put your life at risk and don’t ignore this information. Share to your loved ones.

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