Side Effects Of Drinking Pap (Akamu) Especially People With Ulcer

The consumption of certain foods in excess is something that may be causing harm to our health without knowing. Well, I guess majority of people take pap which is commonly known as Akamu.

Health Benefits and Side Effects of Akamu (Pap) - Public Health

It is a meal made from corn and enjoyed with varieties of other foods like bean cake (Akara), moi moi and bread. Pap can be taken by both adult and children because, it is loaded with great nutrients.

However, we may be causing harm to ourselves when proper care is not taken when eating this food hence, this article explores side effects of drinking pap especially people with ulcer.

The side effect of taking pap can be seen in the functioning of the thyroid gland. This is as a result of the substance contained in the cereal used in making this pap. The link below from public health has more to say:

These substances are glyphosate and arsenic which are toxic chemicals that interfere with the normal functioning of the thyroid gland. Thyroid gland is a hormone which helps in regulating digestion, body metabolism and growth.

Video) How to make Pap/Ogi/Akamu from scratch by Rozy

Also, pap made from millet can cause delayed digestion because, it contains high amount of fiber which slowly digests in the body.

Furthermore, ulcer is a disease associated with the lining walls of the stomach. It causes great discomfort when triggered.

Taking pap especially when it is very hot can irritate the stomach walls thereby, causing pains and discomfort since it has to travel along the food path to get into the stomach for digestion.

It might interest us to know that the kind of things we combine to take our pap can be the reason why ulcer gets activated. Foods like fried Akara, bread, fried fish and others can trigger the stomach acid and cause the sore in the stomach lining to open up again.

You may need to visit a doctor for prescription of drug which will help reduce the production of these acids before you get better. So, it is advisable to stay away from such food combinations if you have ulcer.

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