Why I Featured Emeka Ike in ‘Malaika’ After His 13-Year Hiatus – Toyin Abraham

Toyin Abraham Emeka Ike

Nollywood producer Toyin Abraham has spoken out on her decision to cast 13-year-off-screen actor Emeka Ike in her most recent film, “Malaika.”

“Malaika” made its debut on December 17 in Lagos. The film is slated to premiere in theaters on December 22.

Abraham stated in a TVC interview that, with the assistance of her manager, she aggressively sought out Ike for the position.

Even though he had made mistakes more than ten years prior, she thought that he should have been given another chance.

She added that she was not afraid to take the risk because she saw him in the role.

“I have been talking to Uncle Emeka since last year, I know he has been off for a long time, everything we heard; then obviously I was not as big as this so I sent him a message,” she said.

“My manager Otunba Seun got his number for me and I said come back and he said ‘what if’…everything that happened,’ I said do not worry even if you did it you have suffered enough, 13 years, it is okay, it is fine.

“I am not saying you did, I was not there but even if you did it is okay, 13 years. I do not mind taking risks, it does not matter because I see you in this role because I feel everybody deserves a second chance. It is okay.”

Ike recently revealed why he left acting and the challenges he faced in his first marriage.

The actor alleged that Suzanne Emma, his ex-wife, caused him to lose millions of naira in property over allegations of abuse.

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