Clip of Imade’s chit-chat with her mum, Sophia Momodu about billionaire granddad and more, garners attention

Clip of Imade’s chit-chat with her mum, Sophia Momodu about billionaire granddad and more, garners attention

Imade Adeleke, the smart daughter of Afrobeats icon Davido, sparked a delightful sensation on social media with her endearing daughter-to-mother interactions with her mom, Sophia Momodu.

During a recent sit-down with Sophia for an interview with Pulse Fun Facts, Imade and her mother engaged in a captivating exchange, posing thought-provoking questions to each other that delved into various aspects of their lives.

One intriguing topic that emerged was Imade’s exploration of her paternal heritage, leading to insightful discussions about her father’s side of the family and other compelling subjects.

In the midst of their engaging conversation, Imade directed a poignant question to Sophia, asking what singular message her mother wishes for her to always remember about her and keep close to heart.

Sophia’s heartfelt response emphasized that she wants Imade to hold onto the understanding that she doesn’t tolerate disrespect from anyone, has consistently upheld her dignity and self-respect, and will unfailingly prioritize her above all else.

When Sophia asked Imade about the people she looks up to besides her, Imade’s response was both insightful and heartwarming.

Imade, who recently turned 9 and received heatwarming birthday from her dad, Davido shared that aside from her mom, she greatly admires dad’s billionaire father, her grandfather Adedeji Adeleke, for his remarkable success and wisdom that inspire her.

The 9-year-old also revealed a special place in her heart for her grandmother on her mother’s side, emphasizing the profound impact of their relationship.

In the heartwarming video, Sophia and Imade exchanged many other insightful questions that delved deeper into their mother-daughter relationship.


Online uses who tuned in to the sweet exchange between Sophia and Imade were truly impressed by Imade’s intelligence and maturity. Many expressed awe, noting that Sophia is undoubtedly raising a future queen.


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