Do you think a woman would wake up and decide to leave her marriage? – Basketmouth’s estranged wife, Elsie slams people poke nosing in her life

Elsie Okpocha, the estranged wife of Nigerian comedian Bright Okpocha, popularly called Basketmouth, has criticized people interfering in her private life.

Do you think a woman would wake up and decide to leave her marriage?  - Basketmouth

Basketmouth, who was married to Elsie for 12 years, broke the news of their separation in an Instagram post in December 2022.

In a video posted on her Instagram page on Friday, May 16, 2024, she mentioned that some people have been leaving negative comments under posts, insinuating that she isn’t happy and should go back to her husband’s house.

She further said that people don’t want to see a woman happy after a failed marriage and would rather they grieve and languish in sadness.


“Guys, I don’t know why a woman would post a photo and a video of her living her life and you go under the comment section and you are saying things like ”go back to your husband’s life, I know you are not happy, I know you are just pretending”. How do you know that?” she queried.


“Why would you think that a woman would wake up and decide to leave her marriage just like that? It doesn’t work that way. Trust me, both parties would have tried to work it out. And the point where it’s not working out, they go their separate ways. Plus it’s not even your business to start with


“Why is it a problem that a woman decides to move on with her life and doing her thing? Why do you think it’s OK for you to come and tell her what to do? How about going to tell the man involved, and tell him “go back to your wife’s house” or it doesn’t work that way?


“That’s why you constantly get blocked. Because you don’t know how to talk. If for anything, I feel like you should share encouraging words but instead you are just guessing nonsense


“I feel like you will be happier when you see a woman unhappy. Don’t come under people’s posts to say nonsense about what you know nothing about. Please”

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