Why I won’t reconcile with my ex-husband, Basket Mouth – Elsie Okpocha

Why I will not reconcile with my ex-husband, Basket Mouth - Elsie Okpocha

Basket Mouth’s ex-wife, Elsie Okpochatakes time off her busy schedule to address netizens who frequently advise her to reconcile with her ex-husband.

In a recent Instagram post, the mother of two poured out her heart on why she has no intentions of returning to her ex-husband, in response to frequent reconciliation advice.

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Elsie Okpocha emphasized that no woman willingly leaves her marriage unless after exhausting all efforts to make the relationship work.

Basket Mouth‘s ex-wife urged people to mind their business, noting that a marriage ending does not signify a lack of effort.

In her words, “I don’t know why a woman would post a picture or video of her living her life and you go under the comment section and see comments like, ‘go back to your husband’s house; I know you’re not happy; You’re just pretending.’

“Why would you think a woman would wake up and leave her marriage just like that? It doesn’t work that way; both parties would’ve tried to work it out and at the point where it is not working out, they go their separate ways.”

She added, “Plus, it’s not your business to start with; why is it a problem that a woman decides to move on with her life? How about telling the man involved to go back to his wife’s house?” 

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