Bedroom video of Don Jazzy and Korra Obidi gets tongues wagging

Nigerian dancer, Singer Korra Obidi, based in the United States, and the bigwig of Mavin Records, Don Jazzy, set the fandom ablaze with a viral video of them that had everyone talking.

The mother of two, who recently graced her homeland Nigeria with her presence, took fans by storm when she and Don Jazzy engaged in a live YouTube session, lounging on a bed and chatting like lifelong pals.

Don Jazzy, caught off guard by the unexpected YouTube live feature, couldn’t help but scratch his head and throw a few questions Korra’s way,

Korra’s fans were over the moon to see Don Jazzy join her live session, and the singer, who’s recently gone through a divorce, gave Don Jazzy a crash course on YouTube’s live video features.

She then quizzed him about his social media habits, to which the Mavin Boss confessed his distaste for live videos, as they don’t quite float his boat in terms of engagement.

Korra wrapped up her live session with Don Jazzy, capturing a unique glimpse of him in a cozy bed setting, and went on to resume her YouTube live chat with her fans.


The video swiftly picked up steam on the internet, and fans began tossing their diverse reactions into the ring like ingredients in a stew over the rare sight of the duo on the bed.

Some fans were as startled as a deer caught in headlights, while others played the guessing game about whether Korra might be the leading lady in Don Jazzy’s story of settling down, considering their close connection.

In the mix, a few folks sprinkled some spice by bringing up Korra Obidi’s ex-husband Justin’s allegations of her cheating on him with Don Jazzy.


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