Billionaire, E-money Gift Cars And Other Items To His Workers As Part Of His Birthday Celebration

Nigerian Billionaire, Emeka Okonkwo, popularly known as Emoney gifts his workers cars, iPhones, and cash to celebrate his 42nd birthday.



A video shared by his brother, Kcee shows the moment he called out all his staff. Looks like he already had the list of workers he was about to gift items for their diligence.



You can watch the video here

He called out the names of the workers one after the other, telling them what he bought for them. Some of the workers got Toyota Hilux, another Toyota Camry, a Toyota land cruiser, and Honda. All the cats are brand-new cars. The workers who did not get a car got iPhone 13 pro max or a cheque.

E-money is one of the youngest billionaires in Nigeria. E-money has been a helper to many. He is a generous man. He normally celebrates his birthday in a special way. Putting smiles on people’s faces that day gives him joy. He has mastered the act of giving, especially on his birthday.


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