How Michael Jackson’s Grave Looks Like 13 Years After his Burial (Photos)


On various events, Michael Jackson was named the “King of Pop.” As a kid, he rose to unmistakable quality as an individual from the Jackson 5 close by his sibling. He secured himself as a grown-up soul and pop star with the collection Crazy, which was trailed by Spine chiller, the top rated collection ever.


His music rode the class of pop, soul, dance, and rock. Michael Jackson got 15 Grammy Grants and is assessed to have sold in excess of 350 million collections around the world.

On June 25, 2009, he died because of a lethal mix of physician recommended drugs, leaving a huge number of fans crushed all over the planet. He passed on from heart failure three weeks before his booked re-visitation of the stage at 50 years old.

He left three kids, Sovereign, Paris, and Cover, who were twelve, eleven, and seven years of age at that point.


So, where was Michael Jackson last resting place?

Jackson was laid to rest in the Holly Patio Fabulous Catacomb at Glendale Woods Yard Commemoration Park. The graveyard is five miles from Hollywood in Glendale, North Los Angeles.


Jackson’s family was so worried about his body that they had his final resting place encased in concrete after his passing.

He was covered in full stage outfit, close by melodic tokens like his famous white gloves.


Guests should show ID to enter the region where Jackson is covered, which is untouchable to general society and encompassed by high walls.

CCTV cameras connected to sensors are introduced around his grave, setting off an alert to tell safety officers of any interlopers.

Following 13 years, here are some photographs of his last resting place;




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