Meet Putin’s bodyguard ‘Mr Button’ who carries his nuclear briefcase and could be the man who triggers World War 3

VLADIMIR PUTIN’S bodyguard dubbed Mr Button could literally hold the fate of the world in his hands at all times as he carries Vlad’s ultimate symbol of power.

Mr Button - who is often seen holding the case - has the fate of the world in his hands as the contents of what he's carrying holds the launch button for the Kremlin's nukes

Known to Kremlin cronies as Dima Button the naval captain turned Putin’s right hand man has been trusted with one of the tyrants most scared possessions – his nuclear briefcase that could spark World War 3 at any moment.

Dmitry Shumeiko or Dima Button with Vladimir Putin
Dmitry Shumeiko or Dima Button with Vladimir Putin
The very important briefcase is constantly surrounded by officers the Kremlin trusts and follows

The fitting name of the bodyguard comes from his true identity of Dmitry Shumeiko or Dima for short.

Button is then a not so subtle reference to the fact inside the case is thought to be the launch button for the Kremlin’s nukes.

The briefcase is said to hold the control over Moscow’s nuclear arsenal and is often referred to as Putin’s warning sign to the rest of the world of just how much power he holds.

With the potential of an apocalyptic atomic attack near the Russian dictator at all times inside, many people in the west have long feared the contents of the life changing case.

This briefcase has followed Putin on almost every trip.

Named Cheget in Russian, the case was developed in the early 1980s and was shown to the world for first time in 2019, with its contents being viewed up close on TV.

Inside the case is a white – not red – button and slots for a flash card which will have to inserted by Putin to begin the next stage of the attack.

It is understood there are three of the cases – all connected to a communications network known as “Kavkaz “.


Putin is also regularly seen with a second menacing black briefcase that has been rumoured to contain a fold-up shield that protects mad Vlad in case he ever faces a wrath of bullets from one of his many enemies.

The bags are both thought to have a personalised key code that only a handful of people know and are placed under 24/7 supervision by security.

A second naval captain who was previously responsible for carrying Putin’s special briefcase was 71-year-old Captain Vladimir Poleshchuk, according to a report from Proekt.

The independent investigative outlet broke the news in a rare breach of Russian security.

Another security breach later revealed the identities of some of the dictator’s bodyguards.

Vladimir Timofeev, 40, was pictured at a sauna party at a bizarre bath house next to giant rugs with Putin’s face on it as was Alexander Kupriyanov, who was seen both on and off duty.

The shocking report also explained how a crazy theory spreading like wildfireacross the world about Putin might just be true.

Several Kremlin journalists who surround themselves with Putin daily said that they do believe the leader uses a body double.

The report said: “Some journalists from the Kremlin pool started saying at some point that they believed in the existence of a doppelgänger – so weird were the ways the president adhered to quarantine measures.

“They cannot explain in any other way the strange behaviour of Putin lately – he either complies with the so-called ‘sanitary restrictions’ associated with the Covid epidemic or defiantly violates them.”

This is in reference to the way he was happily hugging people on some days but then ordering them to stand at least 16ft away from him the next.

The outlet also fuelled claims that Putin is surrounded by the best doctors in Russia on his trips out of the country as more speculation over his dwindling health ramp up.

These medics seen near Putin allegedly include Dr Igor Esakov,  an ear, nose and throat specialist, Dr Yevgeny Selivanov, a thyroid cancer specialist and neurologist Dr Roman Rotankov.

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