Famous African President Who Went Broke And Started Living With His Mother In Slums

Born on April 26, 1967, Strasser took office as president of Sierra Leone on April 29, 1992, a few days after turning twenty-five.



Valentine Strasser, however, was not raised in an affluent or privileged household, in contrast to the majority of African presidents who were.

The 56-year-old Strasser did not receive the same superior education as many affluent Africans who rise to positions of power.

At the age of eighteen, Strasser enlisted in the army following his high school graduation. He ate and slept in the State House eight years later while serving as the nation’s leader.

In the second military revolution to take power in Sierra Leone, Strasser lost his position as leader after nearly four years in power. General Julias Maada, a brigadier general, took in 1996.

Following his downfall, the UN provided Strasser with a scholarship to study law in England. In high school, Strasser excelled in math and science. He was a previous president who made the decision to return to college. But he left the University of Warwick after just eighteen months.

When Strasser requested protection from England in 2000, they refused. When he tried to enter the Gambia, they refused to let him.

The previous head of the nation, now without a home or a country, returned to Sierra Leone in the end, feeling utterly devastated and hopeless. He received very little money as retirement income there and lived in extreme poverty.

Because Strasser was making so little money, he made the decision to take a job teaching computer skills to young people at an institute.

After becoming seriously ill in January 2019, Strasser was flown to Ghana to receive medical attention. A blood vessel disease required the removal of a body portion by medical professionals.

In July 2021, the homeless former leader returned to Sierra Leone after recovering. He was shocked to learn that President Bio, who had fired him earlier, had given him a house as a gift.

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