Meet Offset’s son who’s got striking resemblance to Cardi B

Apart from her music, Cardi B is well known for her love of proudly flaunting her family on social media. The artist has never been one to hold back from publicly expressing her adoration for her two children, son Wave Set Cephus and daughter Kulture Kiari Cephus.

The internet was abuzz with excitement when Cardi B gave birth to her second child, Set Wave Cephus. Today, that little guy is growing into a vibrant toddler filled with so much energy and already developing a unique personality of his own.

Who is Wave Set Cephus?

Wave Set Cephus was born on September 4, 2021, making him a Virgo. He is the second child of rappers Cardi B and Offset and he is of Afro-Caribbean and African-American descent. His birth was announced on social media by his parents, who shared photos and videos of the newborn.

Wave Set Cephus has three siblings: his elder sister, Kulture Kiari Cephus, who is the first child of Cardi B with her husband Offset; and half-siblings Jordan and Kody, who are Offset’s sons from previous relationships.

Despite being just some months old, Wave Set Cephus garnered attention from his parents’ fans and followers, who are eagerly anticipating updates about the newborn.

Wave Set Cephus’ age

Wave Set Cephus rocking chains

Cephus is currently one year and six months old. He will turn two in September 2023.

Wave Set Cephus’ net worth

Wave Set Cephus looking good

As a toddler, Cephus’ net worth cannot be ascertained as he is solely dependent on his parents for financial support. Being the son of wealthy celebrities, he enjoys a life of affluence and luxury, with access to high-end fashion, luxury vacations, and expensive toys and gifts.

It is important to note that any payments made to Cephus or on his behalf, such as for brand endorsements or media appearances, would be considered part of his parents’ net worth, not his. As a minor, Cephus is not legally able to manage or control his finances, and any earnings made on his behalf would be held in trust or managed by his parents until he reaches the age of maturity.

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