Man shares how aunt got pregnant same time as surrogate mom after 13 years of childlessness

Man recounts how his aunt fell pregnant at the same time as a surrogate mother they had paid after trying unsuccessfully for more than a decade to have a child.

According to the Tweep identified on the micro blogging platform as @zuwerah, his aunt and her husband had been trying without success to have their own baby for the past 13 years.

They finally settled on getting a surrogate mother to have their child. Fortunately, the surrogate mother and his aunt fell pregnant in the same month.

@Zuwerah revealed that the surrogate mother gave birth to a set of twins, making his aunt a proud mother of three.

The Tweep wrote:

“An aunt of mine got married & didn’t have a baby for 12yrs. In the 13th year, she & her husband settled for surrogacy.

She got pregnant in the same month with the surrogate mom they paid. When she put to bed, we did ikomo for 7days!

On the 7th day, the surrogate Mom gave birth to a set of twins & the ikomo continued. It was a big celebration.

She’s now lya Ibeta with all 3 kids looking exactly same.

lt warms my heart each time I remember her story. It’s been 15years now. Alhamdulillah again”

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