Smart Nigerian Man Wins Lady’s Heart on WhatsApp in Less than 5 Minutes, Chats Stun Many

A WhatsApp conversation between a Nigerian man and a random lady has caused a buzz on social media

The young man sent messages to the lady on WhatsApp and informed her of all the properties he owned

In less than five minutes, the lady replied and accepted to be his girlfriend while showering accolades on him

Social media has been abuzz with a viral conversation between a rich Nigerian man and his crush on WhatsApp.

The young man went straight to the point about his intentions towards the lady and warned her not to inquire about who gave him her number.

Nigerian man wins lady’s heart in less than 5 mins
Delmaine Donson, adamkaz / Getty images, Mediagist/ Instagram.Source: UGC

In the conversation, he made it clear that he was in love with her and had seen her a couple of times.

He went ahead to list out his properties, revealing that he had money, two cars and wants her to be his girlfriend.

“Good evening and don’t ask how I got your number. Let me go straight to the point: I like you, seen u a couple of times. I have money. Have two cars. I want you to be my girlfriend. I heard you got a boyfriend, accept me let’s see who spend more,” he said.

In less than five minutes, the lady accepted to date him even in a more dramatic way.

She said:

“The conqueror, the emperor, the champion, the lion is here. Nzogbu nzogbu enyi mba enyi, tuo ya dike aahh. Accepted.”

Reactions as man wins lady’s heart on WhatsApp

@pere_juma said:

“Now this is how to woo a woman.”

@ademola_x commented:

“E no reach five minutes she accept sharp sharp. Women and money.”

@collinsabiriba added:

“This has to be the fastest date ever.”


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