Mother Gives Her Son Dangote Cement Sack to Use As School Bag

A Nigerian mother stirred reactions on social media after giving her son a cement sack to use as a school bag

It appears the boy has no bag, or the old one got bad due to misuse and the mother did not like it and decided to teach him a lesson

The boy however was not happy after the Dangote cement sack was handed to him when her sisters all had nice bags

A mother who got tired of buying school bags for her son has given him a Dangote cement sack to use.

The Nigerian mother was seen in a TikTok video lamenting that she buys two bags for her son each term.

Photos of a boy who got Dangote sack as a school bag.

After getting tired of replacing school bags for the boy, the woman decided to give him the sack bag.

In the clip, which has gone viral and generated laughter, the woman’s other children all had nice bags while the boy was handed the empty Dangote cement sack.

Video shows boy who refused to accept Dangote sack as school bag

The boy refused to touch the bag initially and instead stayed back in the house, refusing to come out and proceed to school.

His sisters, who were also in their schooluniform, pleaded with their mother to reconsider and give the boy a new bag she had bought, but she refused.

The boy eventually came out and picked up the bag but felt very bitter about the whole thing. The video was posted by @bella_twinnies.

Reactions as mother gives her son Dangote sack as school bag

@Jennifer said:

“I remember when I lost my school bag in nursery 3 2 times before the term ends, my mom gave me her handbag as my new school bag I cry tire.”

@monicanewinsky commented:

“When I noticed the “school bag” I almost fainted! Mummy why?”

@user8226502630768 said:

“I kept breaking my lunch box until my mom put rice and stew for me inside white nylon. No be person tell me.”

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