Talented Nigerian baker receives praise with realistic gas cylinder and P.O.S machine cakes

A talented Nigerian baker received numerous appreciative accolades on social media for creating cakes resembling a gas cylinder and a P.O.S machine.

In a video garnering thousands of likes, a woman, presumably the baker, stands beside the cakes placed on a table.

The video depicts the woman using a spray tool on the two cakes.

Additionally, the cakes seem to have been made for a business center managing both a gas station and a P.O.S business, evident from a note on the cake that reads: ‘HBD Easy Way Gas.’

Shortly after the video’s posting, concerned individuals flooded the comment section with reactions to the stunning cakes.

See some reactions below:

TEE_LUXURY SHORTLETS APARTMENT: “‎This is big creativity”

Sista_jemietu: “‎Please I want you to creat a mad person cake for me.. where can I locate you? Next week is my ex birthday so I want to present him.”

Horlayinka: “‎If you thought she’s painting the cylinder at first gather here.”

D_Dunnee: “‎You are gifted in this profession no doubt.Take your accolades girl.”

ABIKE: “‎The person way them do this cake for they fill gas con dey do pos join.”

betty darlington: “‎una don dey add juju oo. it’s so creative woah yah blessed.”

Ola Kii Tan: “‎At first, I thought it was a real Cylinder ooo.”

T’s HAIRBORD: “‎People are goood paaaa oooo. This is amazing.”

user7756633871546: “‎Omg how did you get to write those things inside the Monie point machine.”

olaitan: “‎May continue to give you more knowledge and crown ur effor omo I give you oo respect.”

OMA: “‎you fit construct a drunkard cake??…this month is my uncle’s birthday.”


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