Heartbroken man seeks advice after finding out wife slept with 6 men at NYSC camp, aborted twice

Heartbroken man recounts how he found out that his newly married wife had slept with six men at NYSC camp and did abortion twice for one.

According to the narrator, his fiancée who had gone for NYSC failed to redeploy over complicated issues.

Due to distance, his father-in-law had advise them to get engaged; since he just got a job recently, he decided to take a loan to do the necessary introductions and court wedding.

After her service year, she returned but with a more withdrawn attitude; she rarely talked much and when he asked her about it, she had told him she lost a friend.

The man revealed that he had taken it upon himself to do the house chores so she has time to rest.

He stated that his mother-in-law had called to give them a prayer point to pray with and since it wasn’t on his phone, he had checked his wife’s WhatsApp only to find messages from a certain Niyi.

The heartbroken man revealed that his wife had been corresponding with the guy and they had been planning to elope together.

When he confronted his wife about it, she flared up and began demanding why he would check her phone.

She, however, confessed that she had slept with six men at the NYSC camp and had done abortions for her lover, Niyi.

Read his narration below:

“Good morning. My girlfriend went to serve last year and she was supposed to redeploy back to our base but it didn’t work. Because of the distance her father advised us to get engaged. Despite the fact that I! just got a job, I applied for loan and it was granted. We were able to do introduction and court wedding. So she was wearing her rings but she still wasn’t deployed. During the 1 year service she comes home and I go visit her. She just finished serving a couple of weeks ago. I made sure our house got a new look as we were looking forward to our wedding by August next year. I notice my wife is always sad and disconnected. So I kept asking her what was wrong and she

said she lost a friend. I started doing everything at home before I go to work so she can rest n| buy her small things evervday so she could be happy. It didn’t stop the dulliness.

Her mum called last night and while greeting me, she said she sent some prayers to our whatsapp that we should pray with it. By the time I remembered, my wife was sleeping. So I decided to pray alone, I checked my whatsapp

for her mums message and it wasn’t there so I checked hers. That was when I saw the chats from one Niyi guy that she has been going out with in camp and she aborted 2ce for. They are even planning on running away togethe. Till now my body is still shaking. I confronted her and she started shouting about why

I was checking her phone, started cussing and after so much argument, she confessed she had slept with 6 guys in camp and she met the Niyi at her ppa that’s why she didn’t want to redeploy. I’m so sad and heartbroken. I can’t go to work. I have been crying. I loved her so much. I don’t know if I can ever forgive her. Please advise me. What should I do? Please Conceal my identity.”

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