My Pregnant Wife Slept With Another Man After She Went To A Funeral – Man Reveals

A commercial driver by the name of Samuel from Kumasi recounted how his pregnant wife slept with another man after she went to her a funeral at her hometown. The man explained that he had married his wife Jane many years ago and had a child with her. Samuel said he is a commercial driver who drives daily from Kumasi to Accra.

A few months ago, he noticed that his wife was talking to different men on phone, but she always told him that they were just his friends. He begins to suspect her of an affair, but she denies she is not having any boyfriend. Jane’s grandmother died four after she conceived their second child, she prepared and went to the funeral but when she returned home he found her behaviour somewhat baffling.

The next day, their pastor called them and revealed to him that his pregnant wifehad committed adultery. It was at this point where, this woman confessed that she slept with another man after she went to the funeral. Samuel added that he got very angry with his wife for cheating on him whilst she is pregnant but the pastor advised him to forgive her it was not easy for him to forgive this woman and accept her again but he followed he advice.

As if that wasn’t enough, Jane continued dating her new boyfriend and ignored him at all. Samuel said that his wife later returned to her hometown in the hope that she would come back home but he received a call from her stating that she could not continue the marriage and therefore would not return to his house again. He became worried about his wife’s decision and tries everything to get her but all his efforts are in vain. Samuel begs his wife to think of their love for each other and return to him

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