“Don’t Judge Her” – Reactions As Blessing Okoro Is Caught In A Shrine Offering Sacrifices (VIDEO)

Blessing Okoro who hails from Ebonyi State shared the video on her official Instagram page and she reiterated a scripture in the Bible that urges people to give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar.

She captioned the post:
“Give to Cesar what belongs to Cesar..Our 4 fathers your daughter has come. E don happen and na thank you we carry come.

In response to the video, some internet users criticized her for continuing for practicing idolatry while others defended her and urged others not to judge her.

You say if I go succeed make I come back, I don come to tell you to lead me.Lagos na strange land but you say make I go say I go conquer C. 28th august we launch..The gods of Ebonyi state, lead me.”

Netizens have reacted to the video, bashing her for still practising such religion, while some have spoken in her defence, urging others not to judge her.

@ofrano84 wrote:
“Everyone has his destiny and live to live….. Abraham wasn’t a Christian, but God chose and blessed him likewise David and Elijah ….. let God judge not us human.”

Watch the video below:

A follower identified as @tikisouth wrote;
Cesar in the bible is talking about Authority by paying your tax …not by giving to other gods….That was why jesus asked peter to open the mouth of a fish so he can pay his tax fee of the authority….cesar is for man and God is for God

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