Lady Stirs Reactions After She Uploaded Her Father Looking So Cute And Vibrant At 88 Years

A young beautiful lady has got social media users talking, after she had uploaded her father looking so cute and vibrant at 88 years. A couple of hours ago, a young lady identified as Blair Kelley took to her official Twitter handle and shared a photo of her father, as she celebrates his 88th birthday anniversary hours ago.

After she had shared the photo, a lot of people had reacted. Many of her friends were amazed, because according to them, her father does not look like a man who is up to 88 years. Even as this was so, if one was asked to predict the man’s real age, based on his physical appearance, he could easily passed for a 50-year old man. 

After I had seen this photo, different thoughts began to run through my mind, and I began to ask myself; what is this man’s real secret for looking so fresh and vibrant at 88? How does he managed to look so fresh and young even at 88 years old? These and many more are questions that need answers, because I am flabbergasted right now. Even as I pontificate on this, I realized that with regular exercise, balance diet, adequate rest and regular medical check-ups, one can look healthy, vibrant and fresh even in his 70s. She also shared a picture when her dad was 60 years old, as you can see below.



Come to think of it, there are a lot of men in their late 50s, but they look older than this man. After his daughter has shared the photo, different people had reacted differently. Check out some of the comments below. 

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