CCTV captures female guard sneaking male inmate out of prison (Video)

A video which has gone viral online shows a woman, Vicky White who works at a Correctional facility helping a male inmate to escape.

A CCTV camera captured the moment she left the door open for the prisoner known as Casey White to sneak out while he had handcuffs on.

It was gathered that she had sold her house for $100,000 and withdrew the entire money which she then used to disappear after breaking the inmate out of prison.

The correctional officer and inmate bear the same surname but are not related. Also, she is said to have gone AWOL and her whereabouts remain a mystery 5 days after she disappeared.

”This lady (correctional officer) sold her house for 100k, withdrew it all and snuck this 6’9 260 lbs inmate out of prison and hasn’t been heard from in 5 days”, the clip was captioned.

Watch the video below:



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