5 Basic Signs Of HIV In New-Born Babies, Every Mother Should Not Ignore



Just as adults contact Human Immune Virus (HIV), children and infants, also get infected with the deadly virus (HIV), through the viral means of transmission.

Although the infants don’t show many signs of human Immune Virus (HIV), but when their immune system starts to develop, below are the major signs to experience, as sourced from Healthline.

1. Lack of energy is one of the major signs of HIV in infants. Whenever a mother discovers that her baby always shows low energy, then she should rush that baby to any medical center for HIV test.

2. Frequent fever, with much sweating in an infant, is another symptom of HIV that should not be ignored if noticed.

3. Prolonged infection in an infant, or a reoccurring infection which doesn’t give response to treatments, is another major symptoms of Human Immune Virus in little babies that should not be ignored.

4. Frequent experience of diarrhea in infants, coupled with lost of weight, are also signs of HIV, and if noticed, that baby should undergo HIV test.

5. Any infant, who is an HIV victim, will experience delay in growing or delayed growth. However, every mother should take note of her babies’ growth changes, and if she notices a stagnated growth in her baby, then an HIV test is recommended.

Conclusion: Human Immune Virus (HIV), is a deadly virus that infects not just adults, but little babies as well. So ever mother should be watchful over her little baby, and if any of the above signs are noticed, that child should be taken for HIV test.

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