How to treat Malaria with African cherry (Agbalumo)

Still Buying Malaria Drugs? No, Use a Part of This Fruit to Stop Malaria for a Long Time

We sometimes ignore things that are very important to the maintenance of our health especially as we grow older.

In this article, we are going to discuss the fruit that most people ignore when they see it. This fruit is a popular fruit known African Cherry which is called different names in different languages. Like the Yorubas call it Agbalumo while the igbos call it udara etc.



The baffling thing about this wonderful fruit African Cherry (Agbalumo) is that it’s a fruit rich in Vitamins A and C.

Now I am going to let you know why it’s very important that you stop ignoring this beautiful fruit.

Some of the importance of African cherry are:

African cherry has helped alot of people both men and women who are over weight lose their weight within a short period of time.

Another interesting thing about African cherry is that, over the years, it has been used to fight the deadly disease cancer.

It has also been used to save situations that seems to be out of control, situation like one with a heart disease.

It can be used to treat cough and sour throat.

Those with mouth gum disease also use African cherry for treatment and prevention.

Now, the good news about African cherry is that it’s back or skin can be used in treating the most common illness that people suffer every now and then. That illness is malaria and yellow fever. Just peel the back of African Cherry, wash it and place inside a pot. Cook for about 10-15minutes then sieve and drink.

The back of African cherry can also be used to treat skin infection

The back also helps people with high blood pressure and cholesterol.

The good thing about this fruit is that you can get it everywhere during it’s season, it’s also very affordable to buy.

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