4 Rarest And Most Expensive Chicken Breeds You Might Love To Eat This Christmas

Have you ever imagined how expensive a chicken might be especially during christmas eve? Then you will be shocked at the price of these rare and expensive breed of chickens in the world. Though most chickens are really cheap and can be purchased for about $5 (N1,640) per chick, but there are these rare chicken breeds which are different and also costly due to their high or increased in demand but low in supply.


So, below is a list of 4 rare and expensive chicken breeds you might love to eat this christmas eve.


4. Ayam Ketawa

Ayam Ketawa, also known as “laughing chicken” is a breed of chicken that originated from the Sidenreng Rappang area of South Sulawesi in Indonesia; and were initially seen as a symbol of the Buginese royal families, but later became popular after the fall of monarchy.


Ayam Ketawa cost about $100 (N41,016) for one adult.

3. Bresse chicken


Poulet de Bresse is a french chicken which is produced only from white chickens of the Bresse breed and is raised within a legally protected area of the former province of Bresse in eastern France.


About 1.2 million poulet de Bresse birds are been produced yearly; and a pair cost about $200 (N82,032) i.e $100 (N41,016) for one, eggs cost about $4 (N1,640) for one, while the chicks is about $10 (N4,101) for one.

2. Dong Tao


Dong Tao, which is also called the “Dragon chicken” is a rare breed of chicken that has large feet. They originated from the Dong Tao village in Khoai Chau district, Vietnam; where it is an important delicacy.


Dong Tao chickens were once bred mainly for royal families, mandarins and ritual offerings. A pair of Dong Tao chickens cost about $2500 (1,025,400) i.e $1250 (N512,700) for one, while their eggs cost about $8 per egg.

1. Ayam Cemani

Ayam Cemani is a rare breed of chicken that is black in colour due to a dominant gene which causes hyperpigmentation. They are pure Indonesian breeds which originated from the Island of Java, Indonesia; and were probably been used for mystical and religious purposes since the 12th century.


A pair of Ayam Cemani cost about $5000 (N2,050,800), while a dozen of hatching eggs is about $160 (N65,625) and the unsexed chicks cost about $50 (N20,508) each.

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