Don’t Use Your ATM Cards On These 3 POS Terminals For Security Purposes



Do you withdraw your cash using POS terminals? If your answer is yes, then you need to be attentive. Fraudsters have started exploring the opportunity of Point of Sale machine (POS) to defraud the masses especially those that are still living in the world of analog. Fraudsters have configured some POS machine to steal peoples’ bank information. This new trick is called skimming. Skimming is a cunning way through which fraudsters steal cardholders’ information. How? It occurs when a scammer puts a scanner or a camera on top of the user’s card slot of a POS terminal to steal users’ information. You need to be vigilant like I said earlier on. If you notice that a POS operator is trying to put his phone or a camera on top of your card while trying to withdraw cash. Please cry out for security reason otherwise, you will enter one chance.



Few months ago, my younger sister and I were victims of POS scam. Since I was scammed, I have decided to be educating the public on issue pertaining to POS scam. If you a kind of person who uses POS regularly, you will notice that there are varieties of POS terminals out there manufactured by different companies. For example in the past, there was nothing like Android POS. However, most of them have been specially configured by fraudsters to defraud people. For security purpose, you need to be vigilant. Fraudsters have now opened POS centers with their specially configured POS terminals.



However, in order not to fall victim, don’t use your ATM cards on these 3 types of POS terminals from now on for security purposes.

1. Most POS terminals with scanner or camera.



Just like I told you before, you need not insert your ATM cards in any POS terminal specially configured with scanner or camera. The reason is that, this scanner or camera may be skillfully attached by unauthorized organization to steal your bank details through your card. When you visit any POS center, and you notice that a scanner or camera is attached to the terminal. Kindly walk away for security reason.

2. POS terminal without bank name or online recognized wallet name engraved on it.

If you look at most POS terminals given out to agents by all recognized Nigerian banks or most online banking platforms, you will notice that most of them, if not all engraved their names on their terminals. So, when you visit any POS center, kindly look out for this before you transact with them. Why? It is for security reason. Who knows what they may turn out to be, Perhaps, they are terminals from fraudsters.

3. POS terminal that doesn’t generate and print receipt after each transaction.



Kindly avoid inserting your ATM cards in this kind POS terminal. This is because there is this internet banking term called dispense error. This is network issue. Dispense failure occurs when a customer is debited but the transaction was not successful owing to network problem. This is not to say you have been scammed by the POS agent but you will lose your money. The reason is that you won’t be able to lodge your complaint at any bank without your receipt. No Nigerian bank can do this for you without holding your receipt. In the absence of receipt, forget about your money.


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