3 Nigerian Women Who Did Not Attend University But Are Famous And Successful (Photos)

There are several Nigerian women who did not attend University but are very successful. Let’s check out three of these Ladies.

1. Mercy Johnson

Veteran Nollywood Actress, Mercy Johnson is among the Celebrities who didn’t attend University. According to Informationng, she ventured into Acting because she didn’t pass her University Entrance Examination. Although the Actress didn’t attend University, she is now very Famous and Successful.

2. Folorunsho Alakija

Folorunsho who is the richest woman in Nigeria didn’t attend University. According to vanguard, she once revealed that she didn’t attend University. She also stated that formal education is not a requisite for success in life. Today Folorunsho is very famous and successful and she is known in different Places in the World.

3. Nike Okundaye

Nike is a Batik and Adire Textile Designer who didn’t attend University. According to Guardian, her grandmother who raised her didn’t have the fund to sponsor her education so she dropped out of school after her primary education. Nike later learnt Art, Batik and Adire Textile design from her grandmother and at the moment her Artwork is known in different parts of the World. Nike who is also the Founder of Nike Art Gallery has also been invited to lecture in different Universities including Harvard and UK.


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