Sleeping Positions That All Pregnant Women Should Avoid In Order To Prevent A Miscarriage

There will be a point in your pregnancy when you will find difficulty in sleeping. This usually happens during the third trimester of the pregnancy, when the baby bump is large. Many pregnant women worry about sleeping positions and what they eat as they may affect their babies’ health.

Back sleeping

Sleeping on your back is considered safe during your first trimester. But once the second and third trimester reaches, it might become a very bad situation and this is not good for your baby as well.



When you’re sleeping on your back it can give you back pain, it can also lead to piles problem and also it can lead to the problem of low blood pressure. Research has shown that back sleeping during pregnancy can increase the risk of stillbirth as well as miscarriage. You can put a pillow on your back before sleeping to support you.

Stomach sleeping

Stomach sleeping is okay at the early of the pregnancy. However, when you reach about weeks sixteen to eighteen, your bump may be growing a bit bigger. At this point, this position might become less desirable.



When you’re sleeping on your stomach, you may not find it comfortable and can lead to problems like trouble in breathing, and when you are having trouble breathing it will affect the baby in the womb.


The best sleeping position for a pregnant woman and her baby is to sleep by her left-hand side. This will improve blood circulation and also improve your digestive system. It also provides a good supply of oxygen to the baby in the womb.



When your blood circulation is good you will get relieved from the problems of leg cramps and muscular pains. Your digestive system will become stronger so that whatever you eat will get digested properly and easily. With the proper supply of oxygen to the baby, the baby will develop properly in the womb.



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