Here Is The Reason Why Mortuary Attendants Knock The Drawers Before Opening Them



Have you ever heard or seen a mortuary attendant knocking the door or drawers before they open them? Have you ever asked yourself as to why the do so? For me I have seen one doing so but didn’t ask the reason why he did so. In my mind I thought it was a taboo but it was more than that. I did a research and from what I got, I decided to share with you my readers.

What is the reason behind the knocking of the drawers by mortuary attendant before opening them?

1.In some cases people believe that dead bodies have spiritual powers to protect themselves.

2.All dead bodies are not the same. A Nigerian mortician by the name Arochukwu explained on an interview that some people don’t like lying close to other bodies, in that case they remove them and put them to another place. This is the main reason they knick before where these bodies are.

3.Sign of respect. This is another reason why mortuary attendants knock the doors or drawers before opening them.

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