I love my wife but I’m scared I might sleep with her daughter – Husband lament

A  married man has revealed how he’s scared of having sxx with his 27-year-old step daughter whom his wife had while she was 17.

He wrote;

“My wife has a 26-year-old daughter. She had her when she was 17. I married my wife a year ago.

Before I met my wife, I had a one-night encounter with her daughter. We met at a funeral, connected within an hour and f*cked the attraction off.

I didn’t know she was married. I found out the next day at church service when we met again and she had to introduce me to her mother.

Her mother was everything I needed in a wife, so we exchanged numbers and built our relationship from there. She got to know I was dating her mother and we decided not to mention what happened between us to anyone.

In March this year, we found ourselves in an uncomfortable situation. We kissed. I can’t explain what is going on. I can swear to you that I am in love with my wife. But I have the feeling that I will f*ck her daughter again if the opportunity presents itself.”


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