Sorry bro, things are hard in Nigeria – Chat of a scammer who got caught while trying to scam another Nigerian thinking it’s a white man (Screenshots)

A scammer tried playing a fast one on a man he thought was a white man only to find out that he was a fellow Nigerian.

Screenshots of a chat between the scammer and the victim was obtained by CorrectNG and he portrayed himself as a person seeking to buy the client’s iPhone12 Pro at $800.

He said he lives in Florida, USA and wanted to buy the smartphone for his daughter.

The scammer offered to handle the shipping cost, in addition to the price for the phone but had not gone deep into the con before the victim started insulting him in Pidgin English and Igbo.

On realising that his game was up, he returned the insults, but after a series of back and forth abuses, they eventually became civil and cordial in their interaction. They both ended up apologising to each other.

Read the chat below:




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