A Nigerian man has recounted how his former girlfriend who he dumped about a decade ago becoming his boss today.

The man whose identity was not revealed when we filed this report said he broke up with his girlfriend because he though he was intelligent and educated enough

”This world is just a small world, I can’t believe myself, it seems like I’m dreaming.

I just discovered that a lady that i broke up with about 10 years ago, because she was not properly educated is the owner of the company I’m currently working as one of the marketers.

We started dating when I was in SS1 and she was in JSS3, but she was dull, sometimes i used to teach her to some extent but unfortunately after that, she will forget all that i taught her.

Though we were normal until when i got admission into the university, after my first year, i began to hang out with other girls in the school, it was this time i started comparing her with them.

Then she doesn’t know how to speak good English although she genuinely loved and never asked for anything from me but since i have met with other girls, who were outspoken and beautiful too, i thought it was the best time to leave her.

During my ND2, i made up my mind to breakup with her and move on since there are many beautiful and educated girls in campus. So one day i picked my phone and called her and told her about the new development, i was like i can’t be dating someone who is not educated enough, while I’m about to become a graduate.

She cried and cried, pleading with me to stay with her that she will definitely improve soon. but i had made up my mind to leave, i stopped calling her, even when she called or texted, i didn’t take her calls or replied her messages.

Boom i started dating a lady called Amaka, i felt like i had finally met my match, because she was educated and beautiful too, but unfortunately before my graduation we broke up over an unresolved misunderstanding.