Shock, disbelief as animals in local community pay visit to their ill owner in the hospital

There was drama in a local Kenyan community when some animals decided to find their way to the hospital where their owner had been hospitalized.

The incident happened in Kitui county, Eastern Province of Kenya, where the owner of the animals – which included a ram and two chickens – had been admitted at a local hospital following a terrible illness.

According to reports, the unnamed man had not been at home for some days so the animals were worried about the well-being of their owner and somehow trekked miles to the hospital.

Patients and staff at the hospital were stunned when they saw the animals trooping into the premises, but coincidentally their owner had been walking to the reception when he first saw the ram and recognised it as his own.

He then took them to his ward and spent some quality time before hospital staff asked him to send the animals away.

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