Man Who Has Not Taken Water For 20 Years Shares Story (Video)

Sharing his story to Afrimax, he recounted how he was sent to prison for a crime he didn’t commit and how he decided to join the “rastafari” religion and stop drinking water.

He said during interview with Afrimax;

I have spent 20 years without drinking a drop of water and I am willing to spend more. Since 20 years now, I haven’t drank water.

I will tell you why. I am a father of four children. I was a very good man with so much love to give. But it all started years ago when I was a rich man in the society. Everybody loved me and I haven’t turned into a “rastafari” yet.

I used to take water then just like everyone else. But one day, I got visitors that ruined my life completely. They are the reason I am like this today. They came to me early in the morning and we talked and laughed just like others do. One of the men had an envelope that had documents inside and he forgot it in his house………

He further narrated that police men later stormed his house and they found the envelope and arrested him. It was revealed that the envelope contained documents of a car which was stolen.

He spent years in prison and during his stay in prison, he found out that human beings have become so cruel and wicked. He decided to join the rastafari religion and stop taking water.

Watch video below;

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