Richest Beggar In The World Is A Millionaire Who Owns Two Flats

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Although almost all beggars are poor and disable people, some of the beggars you see on the streets are not really as poor as you think. In fact, they are even wealthier than many of us. Becoming a beggar is not the last resort. It’s a choice, a real business. It’s not an easy game, however, some richest beggars in the world rack in up to $1,000 a month and live in luxury houses.

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Among all of the most famous and wealthy beggars in the world, the India-based beggar Bharat Jain seems to be the richest of them all. The man can be found in worn-out clothes and a dirty look wandering on the streets of Mumbai. However, you will be stunned to know that his monthly income is around $1000 while the average salary is just $550. More than that, he is also the owner of two luxury apartments in the city. His estate is estimated to be worth a whopping 1.6 million USD.

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With the money he earned after years of begging on the streets, Jain was able to start up his own business on school supplies. However, it seems like his passion for begging is so strong that he didn’t give up on it. At the moment, Bharat Jain is still working as a part-time beggar on the streets of Mumbai.

In fact, Mumbai is the city of dreams for many Indians including beggars. It seems to be easier to earn money on Mumbai streets. Another Mumbai beggar named Krishna Kumar Gite recently makes headlines for earning $900 a month. He is said to be a hard-working beggar and also has his brother work as his personal financial manager.


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