Over 1700 African prophets and pastors visits Ghana’s Bansom for supernatural powers (See the list here)

Many people now have a better
understanding of these alleged fake pastors and the real ones, the show abafundisi has taught us a lot about these fake pastors who have been taking advantage of vulnerable people for many years. It has also revealed how these pastors are able to obtain their supernatural powers they use on people.

Since Bushiri has been experiencing a lot of hardships lately, a lot was revealed. We also got to know a lot about the famous Ghanaian prophet Bansom who allegedly is the most powerful prophet in Africa.

It was alleged that many prophets around Africa visits for supernatural powers and many of familiar pastors are on the list. It was alleged that over 1700 prophets in Africa visits Bansom for the same reason. It was also revealed that everyone ebo visits him have to take on a task which is only known by those who visits him.

A lot of rituals takes place and non of the secrets come out because when they visit Bansom they are not allowed to bring any electronic gadgets and they should also walk barefoot

Surprisingly a lot of popular names of pastors and prophets are also on the list such a Shepherd Bushiri, Makandiwa, T.B Joshua and many more the list is very long.

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