Man in serious debt after taking N800k loan from bank and his office to finance his glamorous wedding

A Nigerian man is currently in serious debt after borrowing huge sums to the tune of N800,000 to throw a “lavish wedding.”

He reportedly took a loan of N500k from a microfinance bank and N300k from his office so that he could organise a dream wedding as requested by his wife’s mother.

A Twitter user @IronmoleWeil who is a friend to the man, shared the story online.

He said the man mentioned that he was compelled to throw a lavish wedding because his mother-in-law told him that when she gave birth to his wife, she was told that everything that concerns her must be loud and filled with fun fare.

Read the story below;

”So this guy wanted to wed. He took loan from his office 300k They will be deducting 50k monthly from his salary. Then took 500k from micro finance He’s to be paying 50k monthly for 12 months Wedding is done but the debt is there. Do you know his intended repayment plan?

He said he was hoping the people he invited would gift him very well but to his surprise most of the gifts where gas cylinders, plates, spoons, turning stick etc. in his words

‘Baba I think say people go give me money but Na gas cylinder, plate and all those things Dem give me’

Me: Ehn ehn

Him: when we sell the ones wey we no need Na 62k we see’

Me: you mean am.

Him: and we use am settle MC and band and I still Dey owe Dem 20k

Me: where all the money wey you loan come enter

Him: baba only hall Na 250k

He rented a shop for his wife before wedding 1/6 months, she sells provisions. Now the shop is empty and no money to restock because they’ve used most of The money to repay one debt or the other and also feed. Now they have 8months running in an empty shop he’s trying To sublet.

How do you do that to yourself? Why?

Do you know this guys salary? 120k Na that one burst my eyeglass

After office deduct 50k Na 70k go remain … My eye glass shatter To further burst my second eyeglass that was at home…I asked him ‘As you know say your pocket no strong, why you Dey do lavish wedding’

Him: when we wan start plans, my wife mama call me say *ni gba ti won bi iyawo mi…won so fun wo wipe omo alariwo ni oooh….

ori eh o gba nkan kekere…gbo nkan ta ma shey o gbodo ni ariwo’ (When I gave birth to your wife they told us she is a noisy child, so everything we do must be with fun fare and loudness)

Me: so when Una born nko Him: Na why she never get belle ooh…she Dey on pills

Me: oh

Him: Ehn now….make we settle this one first In my mind

”so when you settle this one, you will enter another one AGAIN!!!* My second eyeglass burst

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