“The Man You Are Seeing With Me Isn’t My Husband, I Still Don’t Have A Husband Yet” – Laide Bakare

Laide Bakare, a well-known Yoruba film actress, has taken action to dispel reports that she is married. She has also disclosed the identity of the man with whom she has been seen more frequently than ever before. In a video that was uploaded to the official Instagram page of Laide Bakare, she made it clear that the man that people are seeing her with is not her spouse.



She also stated that she does not yet have a male partner in her life. She revealed that the two of them have been working together on a movie set, where they will play the roles of lovers when the film is released. She made the following comment in her statement: “You guys need to stop it.

I mentioned to you the other time that I had created a film about one of my coworkers when we were working together on a movie set and we were included in three movies in a row. “The man you are seeing with me is not my husband, and I have not yet secured a husband for myself,” she said. “We were just acting, please don’t let his wife beat me up.”

Watch the video from (0:19 to 1:25).





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