I Sneaked Out Of A Movie Set In A Village In The Night, When Witches Said I Must Join Them- Iya Ologi

Veteran Yoruba movie actress Iya Ologi has revealed her encounter with some witches when she was on a movie set in a village, while also stating how she was invited to join the group because of the roles she plays in her movies.



In a video that was posted on the official YouTube channel of Oyinmomotv during an interview with media personality Damilola Banire, she made it known that when she was on a movie set in a village, she was invited by witches to join their group but had to sneak out of the village in the night in order to avoid them.

In her statement, she said, “Whenever we want to act as spiritualists during the olden days, we usually go to the bush in the middle of the night, where we usually encounter some strange things.

“There was a day when I was acting in the bush with my colleagues when we heard a strange sound three times.

“We were all shocked, and we had to stop acting at that location that day.

“I sneaked out of a movie set in a village in the night when witches said I must join them.

“It was the wife of the producer of the movie who asked me to run away from the village so that they would not be able to initiate me.”

Watch the video from (18:38 to 21:50).

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