I’m No Saint Either, But If You Want To Cheat, Do It Neatly And Respect Me

Omowunmi Ajiboye, a Yoruba movie actress, has expressed her dissatisfaction with the fact that her estranged husband, actor Segun Ogungbe, cheated on one of her employees, whom she claimed became pregnant for him.

She has also stated that, even if he still intends to cheat on her, he should respect her.She revealed that she is not a saint either, but that if her estranged spouse wants to cheat on her, he should respect her and do it in a clean manner. This information was shared in a video that was uploaded to the official Instagram page of Ameboloversgist.

In her statement, he said, “I didn’t want to talk before, but I have been provoked. “I’m no saint either, but if you want to cheat, do it neatly and respect me. “Everybody was looking like me, as if I knew he was cheating on me with my workers and that I was just pretending, but I did not, it has been happening for some years now.”

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