Georgina Rodriguez fails to congratulate Cristiano Ronaldo on his birthday

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In a surprising turn of events, Georgina Rodriguez, known for her vibrant social media presence, did not publicly congratulate Cristiano Ronaldo, her partner, on his 39th birthday this Monday, 5 February.

Ronaldo, who continues to dazzle the football world with his performances for Al-Nassr and the Portugal national team, has his sights set on the 2026 World Cup.

Despite his advancing age, Ronaldo‘s ambition remains undimmed, aiming to compete at the grand stage in Mexico, the United States, and Canada by the age of 41.

Ronaldo, born in Funchal, was showered with birthday wishes from close family members, including his sisters Katia and Emma, and his mother Dolores Aveiro.

The notable absence of a congratulatory message from Rodriguez, despite her being a highly influential figure on Instagram and the most-followed Spaniard on the platform, sparked discussions and speculation.

The topic became a point of interest on ‘Aruser@s,’ a morning show on La Sexta, where contributor Tatiana Arus highlighted Rodriguez‘s silence.

“There’s no sign of Georgina,” she remarked. The show’s host, Alfonso Arus, speculated that Rodriguez‘s absence from social media might be due to her being occupied with filming the next season of her documentary, which promises new developments.

Birthday surprise for Ronaldo

Adding a light-hearted note to Ronaldo‘s birthday, his club Al-Nassr surprised him with a birthday cake, a moment that was humorously discussed on ‘Aruser@s.’

Despite the celebratory gesture, Ronaldo, ever the professional, chose to focus on training rather than indulging in the cake, prompting playful comments from the show’s panelists about his dedication to football over birthday celebrations.

This incident has fueled speculation and discussions among fans and media alike, highlighting the intense scrutiny public figures face regarding their personal lives and social media activity.

As the story unfolds, the reasons behind Rodriguez‘s social media silence on Ronaldo’s birthday remain a topic of intrigue and speculation.

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