‘You could have just asked me for another feature’ – Drake responds after Rick Ross asked him to apologize and confess to having BBL and nose job (videos)

Rappers, Drake and Rick Ross have taken their beef to social media and are exchanging insults via Instagram Stories.

The two rap heavyweights have taken their beef to social media and are exchanging shots via Instagram Stories.

Rozay doubled down on accusing Lil Yachty of being Drizzy’s ghostwriter before addressing Drake directly.

“I’m the bigger person, I’m a boss. Drake, I’m gonna give you the opportunity to apologize,” Ross said in a video.


“First and foremost you gotta admit, confess you got your nose, your nose reduction. And confess you got a BBL. And I understand, I know what it’s like having those f#### on your stomach and that sweat being under there, you ain’t wanna do that, you wanted to just [say] f### a gym, n####. … You could go get it done, and you did it. Just confess.”

Ross also urged Drake to upgrade his private jet, suggesting it was made in 1978, and told him to help out Birdman, his friend and former boss.


Ross mocked Birdman over the weekend over his “Stunna Island” mansion.

“White boy, white boy, BBL Drizzy, I got a question,” he said. “I saw you posted you got more money than Ricky Rozay, and let’s assume you did. Well your best friend Birdman, his house went into foreclosure five years ago. You done watched that man struggle them five years and ain’t get that man a mansion? ‘Cause if you got more money than Rozay, what’s another 50 million, white boy?”

Rick Ross then gave Drake a 48-hour deadline to buy Birdman another mansion. “The countdown has begun,” he declared. “N#### your nose fake, your stomach fake, you don’t write raps, your biggest homie’s in foreclosure.”

Drake eventually fired back at Ross, early Wednesday morning, April 17, responding to a post about selling his last home in the United States for $88 million.

“Look how I talk to this turkey,” Drake wrote, sharing his DM to Ross. “You shoulda just asked for another feature.”

He teased Ross saying, “Imagine you having 88 million to spend on a crib,” before mocking his home.

“Your lot 40000 square feet my crib 40000 square feet Leonard. And you put a wrap on your timeshare jet that s### coming off when it’s the other people turn to fly,” he added.



Drake then posted an aerial view of Ross’ Star Island mansion in Miami. “Rick you sandwiched in (which is on brand) cause the vacant land not yours,” he wrote. “This s### the Miami starter pack you living in a content creator crib.”


Rick Ross clapped back at Drake for sending him paragraphs to read and continued making the ghostwriter accusations.

“Ain’t nothing wrong with talking s###, but Drake, you gotta keep it at one line,” Ross replied. That s### you doing gotta take 20 minutes. One line or don’t DM me no more. … I know why Drake don’t do what I do when I talk and he don’t talk, he’ll take a picture and post ’cause he got ghostwriters for his f###### captions.”

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