Nicki Minaj, Beyoncé successful because of gay fanbases – Fat Joe claims

American hip-hop legend, Fat Joe has claimed that the commercial successes of some musicians are due to their support for the LGBT community.

The veteran rapper specifically stated that Nicki Minaj and Beyoncé are successful in the music industry because of their gay fanbases.

In a recent interview with Livebitez, Fat Joe lamented the escalating LGBT trend in the music industry, especially in hip-hop.

He said, “In the music industry today, you have men who I don’t think are gays but they paint their nails or they are walking with Birkenbags.

“It feels like a new trend. A new swag. A new style. Pain your nails, wear a female dress. This right? And a million others.

“But do you know the toughest one? I man’s own Rico. Young Thug was wearing skirts. It’s safe to say it’s a fad. It’s a trend. And guys are like I’m going to join the trend to go viral and sell more records.

“Historically the people who sold the most. Let’s just keep it a buck. Nicki Minaj… I went to Beyoncé’s concert which was a lot of fun.

“I had the best time of my life in there but it’s a lot. You know it and so that’s what’s going on.

“They [artists] say you know the LGBT [community] really supports you, so we gotta act like that [promote gay fashion].”

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