My husband slept at the church after our wedding for 50-days instead of home — Counselor reveals

Controversial marriage counselor, Charlotte Oduro has shared a secret about the night after her wedding, disclosing that her husband chose not to spend the night at their home.

During an interview with Abeiku Santana, Counselor Charlotte Oduro disclosed that, after their wedding, her husband opted to stay at the altar in their church for 50 days before returning home.

“We got married on Saturday, he did not sleep at home that night; he was asleep at the church. He stayed there for 50 days,” she revealed.

While the counselor did not delve into specific details regarding the reasons behind her husband’s decision, she emphasized the essence of understanding the dynamics of relationships.

Counselor Oduro highlighted the importance of open communication, calling for understanding and patience to build a successful marriage.

Counselor Charlotte Oduro is well-known for her insightful advice on relationships and marriage.

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