Lady leaks text message from Road Safety Officer who stopped her for not having fire extinguisher

Lady road safety officer text message

Lady leaks text message from a road safety officer who’s trying to proposemarriage to her just less than 24 hours after he stopped her for not having a fire extinguisher.

The lady revealed that the Road Safety officer had stopped her on the road for routine checks.

He had found her guilty of not having a fire extinguisher in her vehicle.

The man had collected her number and, some hours later began shooting his shots at her.

In the video she shared, the lady known as Edith leaked a screenshot of the text message the officer sent her.

In the text, the man told her that he has been trying to reach her since but hasn’t been able to.

He expressed his desire to marry her as fast as possible because he intends to settle down this year.

His text read …

“Good morning Edith, hope you slept well? Have been trying your number since in the night not reachable. Sincerely speaking I would want us to be serious if marriage will work out for us. BECAUSE I don’t want this year to pass me bye without settlings down”

Check out reactions that followed …

@Emmanuel. G said: “He sound serious don’t take it as a joke ”

@ commented: “Lol all i see is a very intentional man ”

@BAMMYTECH penned: “BRO is EXTINGUISHING THE FIRE inside of him without SAFTY”

@Parkour Samuel wrote: “Skipped all the stages and Went to marriage proposal direct, that’s one straight shot”

@Panditocracy stated: “Run o. He go still stop another girl like this. He still might be good. I am just saying.”

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