I Got Pregnant After A One-Night Stand With A Guy I Met in The Bus

The man Ego And I met on the bus while traveling to Abuja must have charmed her with his tender care or probably the freebies he bought for her on transit did the job. They were already couples before they got to their destination, only wait­ing for the bus to stop for them to head for their honeymoon. That same day, she followed the man to his house and made love to him passionately.

Ego was probably not expecting to be pregnant after sleeping with a man she barely knew without protection. Few weeks later, she found out she was pregnant, and worst still she couldn’t remember anything about the man, not even his name.

“I was on the bus traveling to Abuja. I was going to Abuja for an interview. I just finished school and in a hurry to get a job. My little savings from my NYSC allowance was almost finished, and I needed to land myself a good job as soon as possible. At the bus terminal in Lagos, I noticed a man arguing seriously with a tout who has packed plenty loads at the foot of his seat. He in­sisted the loads must be removed or they should

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